True Welding Artisans

Since 1987, Five Star Tool Welding has serviced hundreds of manufacturers who have benefited from our strict attention to detail.

Our experienced Laser and Micro Welding technicians are perfectionists, true artisans providing the strongest, highest quality results. You can be assured that your tool will last, and, in some cases, perform better than before.


At Five Star Tool Welding, we have the most advanced equipment in the industry and are ready to work for you.

Whether you’re making injection molds for the medical industry or trying to regain the fine definition in your intricate die, we have the best tool for the situation. We are proud of the craftsmanship we provide and carefully inspect each weld to make sure it has been done correctly and looks incredible.

Our welders have extensive experience in welding a wide range of materials including:
H-13, S-7, P-20, Aluminum including 7000 series and QC7, Moldstar 90, Moldmax HH, A-2, A-6, D-2, M-2, T-1, Powdered (sintered) Metals, CPM, DC 53, Stainless Steel 300 and 400 Series, Caldie, Dievar, Tuf-Die, Aluminum Bronze Alloys (Ampco 940 and Ampco 945)

The staff at Five Star Tool Welding is fully trained and experienced in this welding style.

Highly suitable for larger projects while still maintaining precision, TIG welding will create a solid bond on multiple materials.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

Frequently referred to as TIG welding, is a popular choice of welding processes in which our technicians are highly skilled. It’s a process that requires a great level of dexterity to accomplish strong, high quality precision welds.

Characteristics of TIG welding include:


Produces superior quality welds.


It’s a cleaner method – free of slag.

Welders at Five Star Tool Welding are fully trained in the most precise welding application yet, laser welding.

This application allows fine welding at exact points. The low heat input and small deposition greatly reduces any distortion and warping. Also, unlike conventional welding methods which typically results in "branding spots" and discoloration, with LASER WELDING that does not occur. Adjacent grain remains unchanged which results in easy polishing and texturing. The extensive post processing is reduced to a minimum. This welding application is useful for medical devices or any project that require a precise and clean weld.

Closeup of laser welding performed on a small part by Five Star Tool Welding

Here is where our welding artisans truly shine.

The process of microscopic TIG welding involves using a microscope with up to 40x magnification and a microscopic TIG torch to weld with micro-precision. With low amperage inputs and small diameter wires, micro TIG welding is also useful when warping in the heat-affected zone should be minimized. Just when you thought a part is ready to scrap, we can usually fix it like new. This close-tolerance technique allows our experienced craftsmen to achieve even the most difficult and intricate repairs, saving you time and money with our fast turnaround. There’s no need to order a new replacement part.

Fie Star Tool and Welding technician performing micro welding on a small part using a microscope

Micro TIG Welding is perfect for the following types of repairs:


Machining errors


EDM pits


Damaged cavity details


Cracks, nicks


Water line leaks


Cracked or broken die blocks


Engineering changes


Worn surfaces


Damaged textured areas


Parting line flash


Chipped cutting edges


Broken out sections

When precision is needed to repair your part, Five Star Welding has the solution.

Our customers are always impressed when they are getting ready to scrap a part, only for us to bring it back from the brink. Microscopic welding is a great fit for chipped cutting edges in a die and worn surfaces. Cracked or broken die blocks are also easily repaired using this technique.


Our team is as fast as it is skilled.

The typical turnaround time for a project is two to three days.

This means less down time for you. We use the fastest shipping methods to make sure you get your finished product as soon as possible.

Micro welding repair to a bear figure on a metal mold

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